Monday, 13 September 2010


As part of a school thing, I did the 1966 Volver project: 14 pictures of different girls in different situations to represent the album Revolver, from The Beatles. Each image is my personal interpretation of the songs. If you don't know this album, I do recommend you to buy it. Actually, you will get a different experience if you listen to the songs while you check the photos above. You probably will find it at Youtube.


Eleanor Rigby

I'm Only Sleeping

Love You To
Here, There and Everywhere

Yellow Submarine

She Said She Said
Good Day Sunshine

And Your Bird Can Sing

For No One

Doctor Robert

I Want to Tell You

Got to Get You into My Life

Tomorrow Never Knows

Special thanks to all sweet girls for modeling to me, ESPM, Helen Rödel, Pó de Estrela, teachers and supportive friends.